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"I was in the building operation for 28 years and like to meet people in the same field with different companies. I am one of the board members and currently retired. I am helping to communicate all the members and non members to come to our monthly educational meeting. The benefit of joining the association is to know the trend nowadays in this  industry." - Peter Choi

"When I initially join TBMOA, I had one motivating intention of doing so,  to enhance my personal and professional development thru the networking  opportunities that I can offer.  This association also offered me insight  into how the industry works, at the same time guide me in navigating it to enhance my career. Through this association, I remain informed about the industry's trends which help me one step ahead of the competition. I also enjoyed the fact that it endeavors to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among its members, through the game of golf, which is held  annually." - Danie Mandawe

"I have been in this industry since 1981 in many aspects of Property Management including Industrial, Commercial and Retail. Currently in Commercial real estate as a property manager for Brookfield GIS managing buildings for the Government of Canada which started in 2016.

I joined the TBMOA back in the day to become more familiar with what is happening in the industry and to gain valuable experience and skills through being involved in all capacities on the executive committees and the Board of Directors.

As my experience has taught me a great many things from being recording secretary to Past President I have applied some of these learned skills in my career. Second to none are the quality of members. These guys really know what makes buildings tick and sharing of the experiences was invaluable. I also really love how the current executive have maintained the format of the entire program providing the opportunities to Learn and Share." - Dave Lazaros

"I joined TBMOA because of the opportunity to learn more about the Building Operations and Maintenance Industry, meet industry people from different types of Buildings (commercial,critical, hospital and many others.). Attend seminars for continuous learning and connect with the members and officers to collaborate and share work experiences the way other trades help one another while attending building operations problems.Being a member of TBMOA has given me a chance to aspire more on my career and developed my skills more, the organization has lots of mentorship to their member,seminars that makes us all aware of the new trends and technology, the new laws and regulations for the building operations and maintenance. TBMOA is a great association to belong and be part of, because of its dedications to put every member in the forefront of their success in the industry." - Gerry Santullo

"While attempting to break into the industry and attending BES courses at Seneca college, I was introduced to Toronto Building Managers and Operators Association. The association provides a an environment that encourages relationships, networking and the exchange of a wealth of knowledge from people in the industry with years of experience. During monthly meetings guest speakers and various site tours ensure that I will always be on the leading edge of industry best practices and technology. TBMOA ensures a vast network of excellent service providers and dependable suppliers to help fulfill all building requirements. The most important and enjoyable aspect of the association is all the truly incredible people you meet." - Eric Tattersdale

"Main reason was to be able to interact with other building managers and operators and sharing ideas on how they run their systems. Also being able to learn from different presentation of trades that are invited on the monthly meetings." - Jetmir Kalaja

"With 14 years in the property management industry I have recognized the importance of building a reliable network of resources. The TBMOA has facilitated this pursuit as an organization that strives to be knowledge and educationally driven. Our mandate is to assist professional development for all our members as well as foster networking opportunities in innovative ways. The Board of Directors of the TBMOA is made up of a fantastic group who have extensive experience in the field and it is a pleasure to serve alongside them." - Saima Young

"I joined the TBSA/TBMOA in 1989 to become part of fraternity of people that shared common interest and goals at a time when the industry was changing very rapidly with the introduction of DDC controls, front end BAS so powerful that with a modem connection the property could be controlled remotely this was to me revolutionary that I could control remote properties miles apart from one location. It was time for me to increase my knowledge with like minded people. The benefits gained from the organization aside from meeting some of nicest people that I have ever spent time with both business related and at social events has to be the guest speakers. I cannot say enough about the meetings I have leaned more from the speaker sessions than I could ever learn any where else. We have covered investment planning, standby

power, high voltage maintenance, building code changes, leak control, curtain wall construction, a course in electric motor rewinding and maintenance etc. The speaker sessions are fantastic and come into play through out our careers. The association's impact on my career has been nothing but positive, I have covered almost every aspect of this business from Property Manger, Facility Manager, Leasing Manger, Project Manager for $40K to $5M projects managed critical building sites affecting national interests. I have trained many people over the years and have assisted many to qualify them into attaining their trade licenses in plumbing, electrical and refrigeration. I have always asked of every operator and manager I have spent some time with to consider joining the association for the leaning experience and to run for executive positions to learn business acumen as well. There is a lot to offer the members.

The reason I enjoy this organization is that it keeps the members tuned into building / property management field and it's ever changing landscape, There are lot more changes coming as costs continue to rise and savings and efficiencies must be found." - Ron Little

"The Toronto Building Managers and Operators Association (TBMOA) recognizes Seneca College's BES™ Operator Class II Certificate as the foundation for students looking to become equipped with the skills & knowledge to launch or further their career in Property & Facilities Management." - Courtney Jeremiah, Employment Coordinator, Seneca Bridging Programs

"ACCES Employment was proud to collaborate with the TBMOA on an event for aspiring Building Operators, in partnership with Seneca College and the Building Environmental System’s (BES) program. TBMOA mentors from various organizations came together to participate in a Speed MentoringĀ® program at ACCES Employment with recent BES graduates who are actively looking for their first role in the field. A high number of graduates from this program are newcomers to Canada and need the opportunity to build a professional network which can be a significant hurdle when searching for employment. As an organization that works with newcomers to Canada, collaborating with TMBOA was a great way to expose our jobseekers to knowledgeable mentors in their field, which will help them to make important industry connections." - Elena Jusenlijska