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The Toronto Building Managers’ and Operators’ Association formerly known as The Toronto Building Superintendents Association was founded in 1963 to establish and maintain a close association among building and managers and operators. By education, exchange of ideas and good fellowship we can progressively improve our knowledge and efficiency of building operations and continue to maintain our position as a, recognized professional association.

Regular Meetings

As a part of our monthly meetings, an educational presentation will be made,involving various aspects of building operations. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (Except July, Aug. & Dec.)

Out of Town Affiliations

Our association is affiliated with the New York, Philadelphia, and Detroit Associations. Issues and events are discussed at our inter-city meetings.

Social Programs

We host a number of social programs. Our Annual Dinner Dance, Dinner Theatre, Advertiser’s Night, Golf Tournaments and other annual events. Through our social programs, many professional contacts and lasting friendships are made.

What is the TBMOA?

An Independent non-profit association of regular members engaged in managing and maintaining the operation of one or more buildings. Associate members, supply the expertise, materials and services needed to keep the buildings operating efficiently. Membership is open to all G.T.A. Building Managers,Superintendents, Contractors and Supervisory or Operations Personnel.

Your Own Contributions

In the T.B.M.O.A., Communication is two-ways. If you have knowledge and ideas to share you’ll find other T.B.M.O.A. members and officers eager to listen. The association has many committees that would benefit from your valued assistance to promote, improve and expand your association.

In order to be eligible for membership an individual must be engaged in managing or operating one or more~office buildings, institutions, residential or complexes. Persons of other titles may submit an application for presentation to the secretary.

The Association reserves the rights to accept or reject any application in its discretion.